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Arcane Enterprises is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary

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We are a licensed medical cannabis dispensary with our community in mind. We are committed to providing quality, compassion, and industry experts in helping patients obtain the best products to aid in the improvement of their ailments and well-being. Our team personalizes each customer experience based on your unique needs.

Cannabis has a wide range of physical heath benefits and can positively affect patients suffering from a diverse range of symptoms and diagnosed conditions.


Our mission is to help normalize the stigma of cannabis, by educating individuals of the benefits that medical marijuana has to offer without compromising quality, through a holistic approach.


We are advocates for marijuana and believe that there are scientific benefits to the use and consumption of medical marijuana. Our team is passionate about what our products can do, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.


We started Arcane at the core of our family foundation of Drew, MS. We saw a need for business development and a lack of medical providers within the area and we wanted our family and friends to have the same or more access to resources, products, and education as the rest of the state has.

We are a family operated business, and our patients and clients will feel that experience from our expert staff.


Arcane is a community for holistic enthusiasts that will be able to utilize our services to aid in the relief of ailments and help improve their mental well-being. Our top priority is to ensure that we are providing a safe and comfortable environment with quality products and services.


Arcane is dedicated to providing a unique selection for our customers with a focus on providing access to consistent premium and exceptional cannabis products that can help improve their everyday lives. We support patients who choose to turn to medical cannabis as a low-impact source of high-quality healing and wellness.